exoALMA | software

We are  developing a suite of open-source software packages that will facilitate the first detections of young exoplanets.

A selection of the tools are shown below with a link to their GitHub repositories or documentation pages. Many of these were developed prior to exoALMA, however all have continued development with the exploitation of exoALMA data a key driver. If you make use of any of these packages, please follow the citation guides on the respective pages.

In addition, much of the calibration and imaging of this program builds on the excellent scripts developed for the DSHARP (Disk Substructures at High Angular Resolution) program and the MAPS (Molecules at Planet Forming Scales) program. The final scripts used for exoALMA will be included with the first data release.

Generate better moment maps from your data.

Generate and manipulate semi-analytic models of planet wakes.

The channel map modeling code.

Extract the 3D structure of a disk. 

Model the dynamical structure of a protoplanetary disk.

Python framework for Regularized Maximum Likelihood (RML) imaging.

Circumstellar Spectral Analysis with Line Tomography

A 3D line and continuum radiative transfer code.